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Collecting tray according to WHG for central landfill Leppe / Lindlar (Gummersbach area)

On behalf of a Berlin-based construction company, MAT Industrieservice GmbH manufactured, delivered, welded and tested a stainless steel collecting tray for the central landfill Leppe in Lindlar in the months of April and May 2018.

The special challenge of this project was the handling of acidic process water at the landfill. For this reason, the tank was manufactured from the material 1.4401 (V4A). When installed, the collecting tank  had a footprint of 5,000 x 4,900 mm and a capacity of 6,500 litres.

A further customer requirement was the drivable grating support with a wheel load of 100 kN.

For the design of the substructure, an engineering office was commissioned with the preparation of a verifiable statics and the substructure was executed according to their specifications.

Beams and gratings are also made of the material 1.4401 (V4A).

The tub was prefabricated in parts in our workshop, transported to its‘ destination, unloaded, placed and laid out. The parts were then welded on site by our certified welders and a leak test was carried out by our welding expert using the dye penetration method.

After cleaning the tub, the carrier layer was inserted and bolted in place.

The gratings were clamped onto the carrier layer.

The realisation by MAT Industrieservice also included the usual documentation according to WHG.The customer received a complete documentation including material certificates, the certificate of the leakage test as well as copies of our specialist company certificates.

Please find enclosed an extract of the documentation as well as impressions of the realization: