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Collecting trays for machine manufacturers in southern Germany

In the 3rd quarter of 2017, MAT Industrieservice GmbH produced a total of nine different stainless steel collecting trays (material no. 1.4301, 2mm sheet thickness) for a machine manufacturer from southern Germany.

The trays are used in the customer's own production and meet the requirements of the Water Resources Act (WHG).

The canted tubs were expertly welded and then tested by a certified welding expert using the dye penetration method. A certificate documents this inspection. Finally, all tubs received a circumferential edge protection made of a stainless steel plug-in profile, which was welded at the corners. After the obligatory cleaning, the tubs were ready for packaging.

The project included not only the production of the nine collecting trays, but also the transport to the customer’s facilities.

The realization by MAT Industrieservice also included the usual documentation according to WHG, consisting of

  • Certificate of the drip tray with certification of the leak test
  • Proof of expertise non-destructive testing
  • Proof of specialist welding company and WPK according to DIN EN 1090 EXC3
  • Proof of specialist company WHG
  • Welding certificate
  • Material quality certificates