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Media installation for the industry

The faultless supply of machines and systems with the necessary operating resources, such as compressed air, cooling water, electricity or lubricants, is a key factor for the smooth operation of industrial plants.

On behalf of an industrial customer, MAT Maschinentechnik GmbH has planned and implemented a pneumatic and piping installation in the recent months, which, per se, should ensure exactly such a supply.

The cross-media industrial installation ensures the smooth transmission of compressed air, cooling water and lubricants in the form of grease and oil.

The size of the entire industrial installation is 1,600 square metres, consisting of 81 networked valve terminals. MAT Maschinentechnik GmbH installed 633 cylinders, 550 individual valves and 51 grippers.The order volume amounted to approximately 250,000 EUR.

As with numerous previous orders, the project planning not only included the entire planning and installation, but also the commissioning including shift supervision.This meant that the customer could be offered "all services from one source" to the usual extent.

The services of MAT Maschinentechnik GmbH at a glance:

  • Pneumatic and pipeline installation (compressed air, cooling water, lubricants)
  • Materials procurement
  • P-component labeling List
  • Install and check maintenance units
  • Install valve terminals with main air connections
  • Manual commissioning
  • Robot and gripper installation
  • Installation of compressed air ring line
  • Installation of pipeline conveyor system
  • Installation cooling water pipe
  • Installation Grease line
  • Installation Lubrication
  • Making item frames
  • Shift accompaniment / commissioning support

Technical details of the plant:

  • Dimensions:100m x 16m
  • 81 Valve terminals
  • 633 cylinder
  • 550 single valves
  • 51 Gripper