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Lighting Systems

Lighting Systems

At least 15-20 % of energy costs in companies are attributable to lighting. In an industrial environment, often even more. Rising electricity prices are therefore also having an increasingly significant impact.

It is therefore often cheaper to purchase a new lighting system for production halls than to continue using the old one. In addition, the amortisation period is reduced by rising electricity prices.

Energy-efficient lighting systems for the industry save costs, protect the environment, increase safety at work and contribute to increased productivity.

The right light often forms the basis for efficient work performance in production, assembly and warehouses. An investment in "good light" is worthwhile in either case.

Good lighting...

  • increases quality through concentrated work and causes less waste
  • lowers costs, as fewer errors, fewer accidents and therefore fewer absences occur
  • reduces employee fatigue, increases employee motivation and, thus, the willingness to perform

We analyse the specific requirements of our customers and the individual conditions on site and develop integrated lighting solutions.

From planning and installation to maintenance of energy-efficient lighting systems, we offer our customers all services from one source.

Get in touch with us now! We certainly have the right solution for you, too.

Our services at a glance:

  • Analysis of your individual requirements and the conditions on site
  • Industry-specific planning and design of energy-efficient industrial lighting systems in accordance with current regulations and standards
  • Modernization of existing lighting systems
  • Use of individual illuminants
  • Installation and maintenance of lighting systems