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Machine Enclosures / Noise Protection

Machine Enclosures / Noise Protection

The risk of injury for employees is particularly high in the vicinity of industrial production facilities. High speeds/revs, coolants and chips are just some of the potential hazards that are permanently present when working with tooling machines.

Machine enclosures serving the purpose of protecting your employees from these hazards and prevent them from unintentionally entering hazardous areas. The risks to people are kept low or eliminated.

Another important task of our machine enclosures is noise protection. We offer our customers individually planned solutions to reduce machine noise in the long term. Elements which are individually adapted to the machine often reduce the noise level significantly and many times over.
The prevention of oil spillage is another important application of our solutions.

The shape and colour of the machine enclosures can be easily adapted to the environment. An integration of sliding doors or viewing windows is also possible.

Please contact us! We would be, indeed, pleased to develop and design the right solution for you.

Our services at a glance:

  • Economic machine enclosures according to the modular principle
  • Individual machine enclosures / machine claddings
  • Sound insulation of machines
  • Integration of sliding doors, maintenance gates, viewing windows etc. (according to customer requirements)